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Accidental Mtgs @ The UN
By Micah Halpern

Thursday September 26, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

Many very positive and often unpublicized developments take place during the annual UN General Assembly in NYC.

The GA is the perfect place for world leaders to unofficially meet or even plan to “accidently meet”. It is the place where aides meet and lay the ground work for future quiet dialogue. These meetings can be extremely successful and helpful, far away from the judgmental eyes of the public and the media.

It’s happening already. Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz had an unofficial meeting late last night with his Russia counterpart Sergey Lavrov. They obviously discussed Syria and Iran.

And now the official statement of the Israeli Foreign Ministry mentions that Katz invited Lavrov to visit Israel.

This is a classic Jewish initiative – it is also very effective. Hospitality works. Seeing Israel and the issues facing Israelis first hand is a very useful way of convincing Russia that Israel’s concerns about Iran are very real and justified.

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26 September 2019 11:47 PM in Thoughts

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