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Saudi Pro Israel Blogger
By Micah Halpern

Sunday September 29, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

Remember Mohammed Saud, the Saudi Blogger who speaks Hebrew, loves Israel and visited in July?

Saud has a following of hundreds of thousands of Muslims. And in honor of Rosh HaShanna he tweeted a New Year’s message in Hebrew.

On Friday Saud sang a beautiful sang called Achila Le’ayl, a prayer from the High Holiday services and addressed the prayer to his Ashkenazi brothers. He also tweeted a blessing to his Sephardi brothers.

When Mohammed Saud visited the Temple Mount back in July, some of the Muslim worshippers threw plastic chairs and plastic bottles at him. He is a lightning rod for and against him.

It should not surprise anyone that there is a negative response to a Muslim who loves Israel.

What is a surprise is that despite his love for Israel, Mohammed Saud has such a large and positive following. His popularity is growing daily.

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2 October 2019 11:41 AM in Thoughts

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