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New Gaza Conflict
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday November 13, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

The conflict out of Gaza is unique in many ways:
It pits Islamic Jihad against Israel - Hamas has stood on the sidelines
No one wants an escalation
Hamas is pleased with the ceasefire that has been in place since May

Israel's first strike was extremely surgical as have been their subsequent strikes. They are now taking out many above ground Islamic Jihad rockets.
Hamas does not control Islamic Jihad. They will watch, and smile, while Israel takes Islamic Jihad down a few notches.

In an effort to display unity, Hamas and Islamic Jihad released a joint statement saying that they are united. But it is not true. Their statement read: "We will not accept efforts by the occupation to resume their cowardly policy of targeted killings."

Islamic Jihad is unpredictable. Targeting their leader saved Israeli lives - never doubt that. The aftermath was predictable. But after a serious operation in which Israel depletes or destroys much of their weapons caches, the status quo and quiet will resume.

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14 November 2019 08:23 AM in Thoughts

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