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Israelis Help
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday December 4, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

There was an earthquake in Albania. Now 54 people are dead, 2,000 are injured and about 4,000, people have been left homeless.

Most of us canít find Albania on a map. Yet, Israel sent off a team of earthquake specialists to help.

Israel has developed an expertise in helping countries and communities regain their equilibrium following a disaster.

The Israelis send teams across the world wherever there is a natural disaster. The teams include engineers, doctors, social workers, local specialists, master communicators and community organizers. Every team also has a dog or several dogs that have been trained as canine survivor sniffers who help find people who may be trapped as a result of the disaster and destruction.

There are multiple teams like this in Israel that are dispatched to save lives and help those who have survived in the wake of earthquakes.

This is a part of the character the Jewish State of Israel. Israelis help people in need. Official representatives of Israel travel all over the world helping people.

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5 December 2019 09:51 AM in Thoughts

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