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Israel is Not A Banana Republic
By Micah Halpern

Sunday December 8, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

Israel is scheduling a third election in one year.

Israel is not a banana republic, it is a strong democracy, and Israel is still in the laboratory stages.

Think about it. The United States is going through crazy political gyrations and no one is questioning its democratic foundations.

There are many who draw parallels between the leadership of Israel and the United States, between Netanyahu and Trump. There are some similarities but the differences are tremendous. What most critics are latching on to is that both Trump and Netanyahu face public hearings. Impeachment in the United States, trial in Israel.

Ahmed Tibi, Arab member of Knesset, said that his constituency will come out to vote in force this next election in order to oust Netanyahu. He said: "The Joint List will be strengthened and will gain more seats in the upcoming elections."

Tibi then added his opinion offering that both Trump and Netanyahu will removed from office and the world will be better. He said: "2020 will be the year of impeachment of two people without whom the world will be better - Trump and Netanyahu. We will replace Netanyahu with the election where some Arab voters will cast more votes than the last election."

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9 December 2019 11:24 PM in Thoughts

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