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More A/S in NYC
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday December 17, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

Anti-Semitism is much more prevalent than we even imagined. People now feel free to shout and say and even physically hit Jews.

I'm not certain how it happened - but everything has changed in the span of a few years. What was deemed unacceptable just a few years ago in the United States has transitioned from an isolated incident into a common occurrence.

I just watched a Facebook video of Lihi Aharon, an Israeli who defended a Jew on a NYC subway and was attacked in the process. The video shows a black woman shouting anti-Semitic vitriol, vile statements about Jews and at the Jew - unaware that Lihi was also Jewish. She continues to shout even after police come and subsequently arrest her.

Included in the woman's tirade was that more Jews should have been murdered in Jersey City. She called out to the obviously Jewish looking man that he was not Jewish because he is white. That particular phrase is from the standard script of many Jew haters. They believe that Jews are not Jews, they believe that blacks are the true Jews. That is what the Jersey City terrorist/murderers believed.

This movement is gaining in strength. It has become much stronger and leaders, especially responsible Christian Black leaders, must stand up and work hard to set the record straight. This hatred must be stopped.

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18 December 2019 09:35 AM in Thoughts

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