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Christmas in Israel
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday December 18, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

Christmas was celebrated in Israeli schools this year.
Arutz 7 reported that in a school in Herziliya, Christmas was given preferred treatment. I was stunned

A parent explained that: "Our son, who is in eighth grade, told us he doesn't understand why the school's staff is working to provide preferential treatment of Christian holidays at the expense of Jewish holidays. It seems that the school made a concerted effort to make the Christian holiday attractive, while neglecting and marginalizing Hanukkah."

The parent described school exhibits about Hanukkah and Christmas commenting that the Christmas display was well thought out while the Hanukkah display was drab and rundown.

Israel is the Jewish state. Israeli culture is Jewish.
While 2% of Israel is Christian and minority rights are very important, schools should teach about other traditions - celebrating them is a different story.

Interestingly, at 2% of the population, Christians are a smaller group than "other", which numbers at 4% of Israel's population in response to the question of religion. There are more "other" than Christians in Israel.

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19 December 2019 10:58 AM in Thoughts

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