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New Anti-Semitism
By Micah Halpern

Sunday December 29, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

We are witnessing new anti-Semitism. It is spreading and spreading quickly.

Never would I have envisioned so many blatant attacks against Jews. Never would I have imagined that Jews would physically be attacked for simply being Jewish. Verbal and physical attacks have reached new heights and I do not see them diminishing, I see them increasing.

Last night’s terror attack in Monsey, when a machete wielding African American attacked a Hanukkah celebration wounding five people is another example of this new anti-Semitism.

Of course politicians decried the attack. But it is is silence from leaders – role models who need to speak out and really condemn these acts, that is deafening.

These attackers are no longer outliers, they are not marginal people. They are attacking every day and often in broad daylight.

Where are the religious leaders? Where are the African American religious leaders? Why are Jews standing all alone confronting this scourge? Why has the community at large not stood up and said these ideas and actions are not acceptable?

Could it be that these leaders are silent because it is they who stimulate the hatred and tolerate the hatred?

Religious leadership of America step forward! Jewish America needs you to step forward. If not for our sake, do it for your own sake. If you do not stand with the Jews of America, you are, in essence, telegraphing the message that you are complicit in this growing scourge of anti-Semitic attacks.

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30 December 2019 10:29 AM in Thoughts

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