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Optics & PA Pay to Slay
By Micah Halpern

Monday December 30, 2019

I've Been Thinking:

“Optics” is a concept in politics and PR. The principle is that public perception of an action or inaction reflects directly on the cause or candidate. Leaders in democratic societies always want to optimize good optics and reduce the impact of bad optics.

Even dictatorships embrace the concept of optics. They, too, are concerned about international perceptions and pressure despite not preserving the rights of their residents.

Israel recently announced and now passed a new policy. They will close bank accounts used to pay terrorists and their families. Israel also announced that they will deduct $150 million from the tax money they collect on behalf of the Palestinian Authority at Israeli ports. The $150 million is the amount annually given to terrorist and their families. It is a concept known as “pay to slay.” The more you murder the more you get paid. A failed attempt to murder Israelis is rewarded less than a successful mass murder.

In response to Israel’s new policies, the PA has said that they will continue to pay those wounded, arrested or killed. They will find ways to pay their murderers – whom they call martyrs. It is their right to pay and they will not adhere to an Israeli blockade.

Palestinian Minister of Coordination of Civil Affairs Hussein al-Sheikh said that this, “is another step of escalation meant to impose a financial blockade on us … "We will continue to pay stipends to the families of the martyrs and the wounded - no matter what's the cost."

Several Palestinian ministries are responsible for this “pay to slay” policy. The Ministry of Prisoner Affairs, for example, is dedicated to work on behalf of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

There is very little that Israel can do to successfully incentivize Palestinians to stop their policy of mass murdering Israelis. The pay scale for terrorists is one of the highest pay scales within the PA.

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31 December 2019 09:43 AM in Thoughts

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