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Abbas Threatens Intifada
By Micah Halpern

Monday February 3, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

Palestinian President Abbas literally told Israel that they will have to live with the consequences of Trumpís Deal of the Century. The statement by Abbas was his way of giving a blessing to Palestinians to start a new Intifada.

They were fighting words.

Abbas departed Ramallah and went to Cairo to meet with the Arab League. From Cairo Abbas will visit much of the Middle East and then parts of Europe. He has an agenda.

The Palestinian president is drumming up support for his rejection of the Trump deal.

The only real tools that the Palestinians have are violence and the threat of violence. But calling for an Intifada and having one actually emerge are two different things. This is not the first time Abbas has called for an Intifada.

The threat of violence and terror is a serious one.

The problem with these threats of violence and of an actual Intifada is the youth. Youth need to be activated. They need to take to the streets. But at this stage it is very unlikely that West Bank youth will come swarming out to the streets.

The reason is simple - they are not very excitable. Like youth the world over, simulated electronic war games are more intriguing than the real thing. Safer, too.

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4 February 2020 09:14 AM in Thoughts

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