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Iran Fails 4x to Launch Satellite
By Micah Halpern

Sunday February 9, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

After four attempts in a row Iran has failed, yet again, to successfully get their satellite into orbit.

The Zafar, which means victory in Farsi, was launched. But the rocket on which it piggy backed did not reach a fast enough speed or the altitude necessary to keep the satellite in orbit.

Iran has been launching satellites into orbit since 2009 and many of them have been successful. Most of them have been spy and communications satellites. The Iranians would also contract with the Russians and use their rockets.

Recently, however, the Iranians have wanted to do it on their own. This requires more than knowledge - it requires better technology. Most of the hardware must be imported and, given the sanctions and restrictions placed on Iran, that is not an easy task.

Almost every element connected to a successful satellite launch can and will be utilized in a ballistic (conventional and non conventional) strike. Thatís knowledge that is important for us to have.

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11 February 2020 09:19 AM in Thoughts

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