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A/S in Europe
By Micah Halpern

Thursday February 27, 2020
I've Been Thinking:

A new study about Europe’s attitudes concerning Jews and Israel has just been released. Be prepared, your worst nightmares are about to be confirmed.

The study was conducted in sixteen European countries. One thousand representative samples were culled with a degree of error from each country of only 0.8%.

Here’s what they found:

20% of Europe believes that Jews control the world.

20% believe that Jews exploit the Holocuast for their own interests.

25% of respondents said that Israel’s policies explain why people hate Israel.

25% disagree with the statement that Israel is acting in its own defense.

33% agreed with the statement that during World War II people from their country suffered as much as the Jews.

The numbers are baffling. But they must be believed. Given the representative sampling in this study, those surveyed accurately reflect the attitudes of their nation.

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28 February 2020 12:04 PM in Thoughts

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