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Blood Libel in Arabic
By Micah Halpern

Friday March 6, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

An Arabic language newspaper published in Canada called “Al-Meshwar” published an article on February 28th entitled “The Abuse of Martyrs and the Manipulation of Their Bodies Are Jewish Commandments and Israeli Directives”.

It’s a blood libel.

The article describes how Israel mutilates Palestinian prisoners and sells their organs and body parts.

The Toronto based paper fed the age old canard that still reverberates throughout the Islamic world.

This particular blood libel emanates out of the Christian society. According to the myth, Jews murdered an innocent Christian child and then extracted the child’s blood to bake matzah. The child represented Jesus and the myth of killing that child is the re-enactment of Jews killing Jesus.

There is also a history of blood libel in the Islamic world. The Islamic blood libel does not center on the killing of Jesus. Rather, it is about a Jewish conspiracy that centers on the abuse and disrespect of Muslims.

In the Islamic world, even today, these stories are powerful and incendiary. They emphasize how evil the Jew is and how Jews act to destroy Muslim interests. Look no further than an article, published in Toronto, on February 28th.

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