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Shortage of Syringes
By Micah Halpern

Monday July 20, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

The race is on for a vaccine for COVID-19. Whenever that vaccine is discovered, hopefully soon, countries will need to give the vaccine to their citizens.

There are three ways to give a vaccine. Through the nose, through the mouth, or through an injection.

Odds are that an injection will be the most common method.

To give an injection, you need a syringe. The United States has already purchased 50 million syringes at a cost of $70 million. Canada and the United Kingdom have also already purchased their syringes.

Israel has not yet made plans.

That could prove to be very problematic. “The Health Ministry has been warned by private bodies that there is a need to buy syringes,” a source in the Health Ministry was quoted as saying. “Due to the global race to a vaccine, there is real doubt regarding the ability to produce and supply syringes on time if no purchase is done ahead of time.”

This is worrisome. The vaccine will come in vials. There are usually 10 to 20 doses per vial. But a vaccine is useless without a syringe.

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20 July 2020 11:00 PM in Thoughts

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