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Beirut Explosion
By Micah Halpern

Thursday August 6, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

The explosions in Beirut at the port were cataclysmic. According to experts, this explosion was the closest in size to a nuclear explosion that has yet to occur.

The numbers of victims and injured will continue to climb.

The estimated cost of the damage is $15 billion, that too will climb. Given that Lebanon has only 6.8 million people and a GDP of $58 billion that number is bigger than huge.

Ammonium Nitrate has been used regularly for bombs. The IRA used it in London.
The Oklahoma City Bomber used it. It was used in Bali and used in India. Just about anywhere a huge explosion takes place, it can be traced to ammonium nitrate - often placed in a car or truck.

Stored properly ammonium nitrate is safe. But the more you have and the longer it sits, the more unstable it becomes.

2,750 tons is a recipe for an explosion. 2,750 tons is 5,500,000 pounds.

That’s what exploded in Beirut. It is dangerous by any estimate and was an explosion waiting to happen.
If this was an accident, it could – and should, have been avoided.

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7 August 2020 12:21 AM in Thoughts

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