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Israel's COVID Numbers
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday August 25, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

The new COVID-19 numbers from Israel are deeply troubling.

The most compelling numbers are truly disturbing. Israel is using the traffic light system to establish procedures in dealing with COVID. That the entire country is not monolithic. Each area is different, and a different policy is required for each place.

Of the thousands of cities towns and villages in Israel all except 20 are green or yellow. Only 20 are red zones and those cities are divided into regions which are also divided into color zones.

Here is the most troubling dimension of the new COVID -19 numbers. 40% of the positive numbers are from the Chareidi community. 20% of the new positives are from Arab communities.

The 40% is probably much higher. Rabbis in the Chareidi community have urged their members not to test because those results can be used against their community.

Leaders need to be urged to put a stop to large gatherings. People must be urged by their leaders to wear masks.

The COVID-19 numbers will increase if these steps are not taken soon. The economy of Israel is dependent on getting those numbers down.

Tourism cannot return until Israel becomes a green state. Only then Israel will open it doors to countries to other green countries and the tourist dollars will follow.

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26 August 2020 12:39 AM in Thoughts

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