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Cuomo Says Stop the Superspreaders
By Micah Halpern

Thursday August 27, 2020

I've Been Thinking:

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo slammed large gathering within the Jewish community, especially in the New York City Jewish community. He also condemned Catholics for gathering in large numbers.

Cuomo, himself a staunch Catholic, said: “We’ve had superspreader events in New Rochelle with the Jewish community, we’ve had them in the Catholic community.
The virus does not discriminate by religious or racial lines, right? This is an equal-opportunity situation. So we police it in every circumstance.”

Cuomo threatened NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio, demanding that the mayor act against the superspreaders, defined as groups that gather without complying with the safety precautions of keeping safe distance and wearing a mask. The governor said: “If the mayor is not doing any enforcement actions, then the state will.”

Cuomo was not just spouting off, he does have jurisdiction. The governor can, legally, take action in NYC.

Having events with large numbers is simply irresponsible.

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28 August 2020 09:55 AM in Thoughts

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