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Missile From Syria
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday April 21, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Syria launched a missile strike against Israel’s nuclear plant in Dimona, located in the Negev Desert in the very south of Israel.

Israel’s anti-missile defense system went into effect and Patriot missiles were launched from all over Israel. Reports of the Patriots were heard in Israel’s north, in Jerusalem and near Dimona.

And then, in response, Israel immediately struck targets outside of Damascus.
DImona, Israel’s nuclear facility is at the other end of Israel. This was not an errant rocket or a mistake.

This was a tit for tat. Israel attacked Iran’s nuke facility in Natanz so Syria, an Iranian proxy, attacked Israel’s nuke lab.

Iran’s hardline Kayhan newspaper published an opinion piece by Iranian analyst Sadollah Zarei suggesting that Israel’s Dimona facility be targeted after the attack on Natanz. Zarei cited the idea of “an eye for an eye” in his remarks.

He wrote that action should be taken “against the nuclear facility in Dimona ... This is because no other action is at the same level as the Natanz incident.”

It seems pretty obvious that Iran is trying a “Hail Mary”, throwing a long pass trying to hit Dimona. Israel did not confirm that they successfully shot down the missile, but it certainly did not hit Dimona.

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23 April 2021 04:13 PM in Thoughts

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