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More on Missile From Syria
By Micah Halpern

Thurssday April 22, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

A follow up to yesterday’s entry.
The missile launched from Syria into Israel needs much further investigation.

It appears that the missile was a Russian made and supplied SA- 5 surface to air anti-aircraft missile. And although it flew over Jerusalem and into the Negev Desert, it now looks like it was actually a misfire from Syria.

Israel’s air defense did not shoot the missile down. The Israeli system is designed against surface to surface missiles, not surface to air missiles. Surface to air missiles are not at all accurate when used to hit targets on the ground.

The design of the SA-5 is actually not to hit the target aircraft but to blow up near it. If it misses its target, the missile self-destructs.
In this case, the rocket blew up mid-air.

Although, Iran claims that this missile was in retaliation for the Natanz bombing, it seems unlikely. It is also unlikely that Syria is using anti-aircraft weapons to attack Israeli targets on the ground.

These missiles have a long range and they can clearly threaten Israeli aircraft. As an example, in 2018 Syria shot down both an Israeli fighter jet over Israel and a drone. Israel quickly retaliated by hitting five rocket launch sites in Syria.

Syria has the weapons to launch more attacks against Israel. But Syria clearly does not want to escalate for fear of Israeli counter attacks.

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25 April 2021 03:50 PM in Thoughts

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