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Iran Threatens Israel
By Micah Halpern

Saturday April 24, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Iranian Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Hussein Baqeri, said that Iran will “teach Israel a lesson.”

This message cum warning was broadcast across Iranian media. It appeared in every outlet, on television, on radio and on the internet.

The general said: "Israelis think they can keep hitting Syria and make mischievous moves elsewhere and in the seas and not receive any response.”

"The moves made in the past few days and future moves against their interests will make them be wise."

"We don't announce anything about the incidents that happened recently, nor do we know who did it, but the resistance front will teach a very good lesson to Israel."

There’s more, he indicated that: "if Israel's actions against Iran" continue, it's "not clear how Iran will respond, but the Zionist regime will not remain peaceful." The expression “not remain peaceful” is Iran’s way of saying that Israelis will not have peace of mind or quiet moments in their homes.
These are direct threats.

There have been a number of military hits, back and forth between Israel and Iran and her proxies. The intensity has escalated. The targets have escalated.

The unanswered question now is will Iran increase or decrease the targets and the intensity.

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25 April 2021 03:53 PM in Thoughts

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