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Abbas Postpones PA Elections
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday April 27, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced, first to his cabinet and then to the EU, that he is postponing the Palestinian Parliamentary elections scheduled for the end of May.

The EU asked to delay the announcement to give them time to influence or pressure Israel.

Why pressure Israel? Because the reason given for the postponement was that Israel was not permitting people living in Jerusalem to vote in the election or to run for the Palestinian parliament.

While that is true, it is by no means the reason behind the postponement.
The real reason is that the polls, as well as common sense, show that Hamas has a united party and campaign while the PA is divided into many factions.

If the election were to be held, Abbas’ party will lose seats and lose power. According to all polls Hamas looks to gain the overwhelming plurality.

A victory for Hamas would be the end of Abbas and the Palestinian Authority. It would also mean a very different relationship between Israel and the Palestinians.

As I have been predicting over the past several months, there is no way Abbas will allow for an election - and then lose.

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28 April 2021 09:21 PM in Thoughts

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