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Gaza Lofting Eplosions
By Micah Halpern

Sunday May 9, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Itís happening again.

Incendiary balloons, launched from Gaza into Israel, are making a comeback. Twenty fires were ignited by balloons launched from Gaza into Israel.

The balloons fly into Israel and fall as if in a burning cloud. When they fall, they hit dry ground and crops. The dry ground and the crops catch on fire. Often, the fires burn out of control.

And rockets continue to be launched into Israel from Gaza.

The Iron Dome defense system shot down two rockets over Ashkelon. The Gaza launched rockets were aimed at civilian targets.

The Iron Dome is only activated when rockets are clearly headed into civilian areas. If they are headed to fall in an abandoned area like a field, there is no need to waste the massive amount of money it costs to shoot the rockets down.

Violence in Israel has increased. Acts of terror have increased. Aerial attacks have increased. Palestinians in Gaza are getting restless, They are flexing their collective muscle. They are taking aim at Israel.

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9 May 2021 11:25 PM in Thoughts

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