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Iran Out in UN
By Micah Halpern

Monday June , 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Iran will lose its right to vote in the United Nations General Assembly this week.
They will lose the right to vote for none of the obvious reasons. Not because they sponsor terror and not because they violate the UN nuclear agreements.

Iran is in arrears to the UN. They own over $16 million in membership.

UN Secretary General Antonia Guterres explained that Iran has failed to pay their dues and as a result of that situation, he sent a note to the General Assembly President explaining that Iranís vote may not be counted.

Somalia and the Central African Republic are also losing their voting rights. Somalia owes $1.4 million to the UN and the Central African Republic owes $29,395.

In the end everyone will pay their debt.

But given the present situation on the nuke agreement and the dialogue Iran is engaged in with the P5 + 1, Iran is snubbing their nose at the United Nations. And it probably gives them great pleasure.

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10 June 2021 12:16 PM in Thoughts

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