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PA Vaccine Story
By Micah Halpern

Friday June 18, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Israel offered to loan the Palestinian Authority 1.2 million Pfizer Covid vaccines.
To loan?

The PA really needs these vaccines. They really need more than 1.2 million vaccines.

The latest UN estimate, as of January 2021, has about 5.2 million Palestinians living in the West Bank. So any number of vaccines will help. Even a single dose of vaccine will help protect Palestinians.

But why lend the vaccines to the Palestinians?

Palestinians are scheduled to receive vaccines in 2022, presumably from the World Health Organization. They have, I am told, also made some progress in procuring the Chinese and the Russia vaccines.

Israel wanted to give them Pfizer vaccines. I presume that Israel would have received Pfizer vaccines in return.

But, in typical form, the Palestinians have rejected Israel’s offer.

They claim that the vaccines are too close to the expiration date. They claim that they will not have enough time to distribute the vaccine.

Truth is, the Palestinians could have had these vaccines a long time ago, but they dragged their heels in closing the deal. These are the same vaccines – with the same expiration date, that Israel is still using.

No need to worry. The vaccines will not go to waste. Israel has been approached by other countries only too anxious to receive and to distribute these Pfizer vaccines.

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22 June 2021 10:30 AM in Thoughts

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