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Israel Announces Lavish Room Discovered
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday July 7, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced the discovery of a glorious and lavish set of rooms from the Roman era, adjacent to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

The structure was built only a few decades before Rome destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70CE.

The rooms were actually discovered decades ago, but they are only now being opened to the public. Now people can visit these rooms alongside other architectural finds at other sites near the Western Wall, like in the tunnels that run underground and parallel to the walls of the Temple.

The rooms, like all the digs in the tunnels next to the Wall were not “digs” per se.

Over the centuries or, more accurately, over two millennia the rooms and structures remained intact, they were never actually destroyed. They were filled in with dirt, sewage, rubble and remains from other destructions, but they survived.

That fill needed to be cleared out. And in the fill were items left over after the destruction of Jerusalem from other periods. The fill, which served to preserve the rooms, needed to be sifted and clearly identified. And that fill, those items discovered in the rooms, helps us understand what happened above ground, in the gloriously preserved and newly opened, Roman era rooms.

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9 July 2021 12:40 AM in Thoughts

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