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Israel Hacked Hams' Bitcoins
By Micah Halpern

Friday July 9, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Israel has begun hacking and seizing Hamas’ Bitcoin accounts. The Israelis have also hacked into and seized other Hamas crypto-currency accounts.

How did they do it – how did Israel successfully hack and confiscate Hamas’ Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies? Notice I am not asking why – just how.

The US Justice Department is doing the same thing. Attempting to hack into and seize the accounts of as many terror groups as they can. So far, Israel has seized over 150 crypto-currency accounts while the US has seized over 300.

The answer as to how Israel broke into this supposedly super stealth Bitcoin system is brilliant.

While crypto accounts are nearly impenetrable, they have a weak spot. The weak point is the point of transfer. That is when the accounts, the information, the owners are easier - NOT EASY, just easier, for the white hat hacker to access.

That is where Israel entered the system and that is how they were able to seize millions and millions of terrorist assets.

Israel has frozen the accounts.

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13 July 2021 11:27 AM in Thoughts

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