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Israel Helps Dom Rep w a Med Test
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday July 28, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

We do not dedicate enough time to good news – especially good news about the great contributions Israel has made to the world.

Here is a one example. Israeli technology is being used in the Dominican Republic to diagnose early stages of cervical cancer. This test will save the lives of many of the women who are diagnosed early.

The name of the Israeli company that developed this technology is MobileODT and they launched a nationwide program testing 50,000 women.

The Artificial Intelligence-based kit allows non-specialists to diagnose abnormal cervical findings in their early stages using an ordinary smartphone. The patient is then matched with adequate preventive treatment.

The test is checked through the phone. 18,000 of those women who were tested were of very modest means and early detection would both save their lives and cut the cost of treatment exponentially.

Danny Biran, Israel’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic, noted that "Israeli technology can reach anywhere in the world, make essential health services accessible to everyone and present fast results and above all — save lives.”

He said, "We will continue to work on a variety of issues in the field of groundbreaking and life-changing Israeli technologies together with Israel's great friend, the Dominican Republic."

The world could use more good news of this sort.

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1 August 2021 10:16 PM in Thoughts

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