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Found an Ancient Coin
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday August 10, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Every tourist to Israel and every person living in Israel dreams of finding a valuable piece of history while walking or digging through the country’s many excavation sites.

Of course, the likelihood of discovering a major find is next to nil. Bones and burnt wood and broken shards of pottery are often unearthed, but actually finding something significant in a site that has already been excavated and is open to tourists is practically unheard of.

But sometimes, dreams do come true.

The Yizhaki family was playing a game in the excavated mikvah in the Karazim National Park in Israel when one of the girls spotted a coin on the ground. As everyone is instructed to do, she handed the coin over to the park staff.
It was bronze and it is 1500 years old.

According to Dekel Segev, director of the Korazim National Park, this ancient bronze coin is estimated to date to the Talmudic period between the fourth and fifth centuries which is, he explains, “ … the peak period of the Jewish village in Korazim”.

Korazim, which is mentioned in the Christian Bible, is located in the Galilee between Safed and Tiberias. It is home to several impressive remains including a beautiful synagogue and a mikvah, both constructed with stunning pillars.

The coin is a natural treasure and it would have been illegal to keep the coin. It is a national treasure. In all probability, the family will be awarded a public honor for finding this remnant of archaeological history.

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15 August 2021 04:00 PM in Thoughts

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