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Sudan Kicks Hamas Out
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday September 22, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Sudan joined UAE, Bahrain and Morocco declaring that they were normalizing ties with Israel.

Now they are taking a big step forward and stopping all support for Hamas and other terror groups. As a result of that step, the United States has removed Sudan from state sponsors of terror lists enabling the Sudanese to trade freely with the West and netting them well over $50 billion in deals in a very short period of time.
Hamas is no longer operating in their country.

Hamas had major investments in real estate, restaurants and construction in Sudan. Their assets have been seized including 50 of those companies.

Remember, before signing on to the Abraham Accords in January, Sudan was the hub of terror. Sudan sheltered Osama Bin Laden and Sudan was the center of operations for Palestinian terror.

The United States was firm in insisting that to join the movement, they needed to totally cut off ties and support to terrorist.

This is a huge step forward for Sudan and for the world.

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26 September 2021 11:18 PM in Thoughts

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