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Birds Arriving in Israel
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday September 28, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Fall is the season for bird migration.

The birds of Europe are now flying south to Africa for the winter. And one of their most popular routes is to fly right over Israel.

The birds fly, land and then, most of them move and return 6 months later, in the beginning of Spring, for their return trip. Some birds, however, seem to like what they see and remain in Israel.

Traditionally, bird watches from all over the world flock to Israel to witness this yearly occurrence. This year, however, COVID has put a damper on bird watching.

But the birds are still coming.

The most majestic sight of all is the arrival of storks. They come in the hundreds and sometimes in the thousands and they appear to cover the sky.

Storks are huge, measuring 3 feet in length and with 6 foot wing spans.

In a single day as many as 100,000 storks arrive in Israel. Over the next few days between half a million and a million storks will drop in and visit the Holy Land.

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4 October 2021 12:16 PM in Thoughts

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