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Tensions in Persian Gulf
By Micah Halpern

Friday October 8, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Tensions continue to be high in the Persian Gulf.

Iranian State TV reported that their navy’s rubber boats successfully harassed a United States vessel.

They released a video which was broadcast on television. In the video, which certainly looks authentic, there is audio of the Iranians in the rubber boat shouting “keep chasing them” in Farsi, the language spoken in Iran.

But is it really authentic? The US Navy spokesperson has no knowledge of any event of this sort.

The Persian Gulf is a tinder box. The region can explode at any time. Talks, which were taking place in Vienna, stalled in June and there is no date for the resumption of talks.

Iran is trying to lure the United States into a conflict.

Iranians believe that in any exchange with the US, the United States will be perceived as the aggressor and they, Iran will be seen as the victim. That thinking is one of the reasons for using small rubber boast against large US ships.

They are hoping to re-enact the David and Goliath story, Iranian style.

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10 October 2021 10:27 PM in Thoughts

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