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Israel COVID Self Tests
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday October 12, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Part of Israeli Prime Minister Bennett’s plan for getting Israel back to normal and defeating the COVID Delta Variant is placing antigen test kits in the hands of every family with school aged children.

7.2 million kits have been imported. Parents will test their children in the privacy of their homes and only if the test results are positive will they need to take them to an official site for a PCR test.

This plan is intended to relieve parents in many ways, especially by removing the need to take time off from work to trek to testing centers only to find out that their child is negative. Kits will also be available in classrooms.

Prime Minster Bennett explained his thinking this way:
"We are doing everything to keep the economy open, the education system functioning, and to maintain routine life. With the millions of tests that we are bringing to the country – it is possible. With correct, close and flexible management, we will defeat the Delta strain."

This is a gargantuan step. Hopefully it will improve the quality of life for Israeli parents as they struggle to care for their families and to defeat COVID.

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13 October 2021 10:26 PM in Thoughts

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