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Israel Attacks Hezbollah in Syria
By Micah Halpern

Saturday October 30, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Midday on Saturday, Israel attacked an arms shipment in Syria just west of the capital city.

The arms were being moved from the area around Damascus, the capital of Syria, to Beirut, the capitol of Lebanon. Five people were killed. All were members of the Iranian backed terror group Hezbollah.

The weapons were going to Lebanon to further improve Hezbollah’s weapons cache.

Media throughout the Middle East covered the attack. Israel does not often comment on strikes and this was no exception.

Midday attacks are rare, night attacks are usually preferred. Night lends excellent cover for missiles, planes, drones and helicopters.

Israel uses many variables when deciding whether to strike during the day or at night. One factor is whether there will be another opportunity to hit the target.
Another is whether the target is so important that it will shift the balance and empower the enemy – in this case, Hezbollah.

In this attack, I would suggest that both were at play and in the end, the weapons were destroyed, enroute in Syria, during the day, before they could be hidden.

This strike taught Hezbollah that Israel’s rule about night time attacks is not ironclad. That lesson alone is essential for Israel to drive home.

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31 October 2021 11:59 PM in Thoughts

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