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Its All About Drugs
By Micah Halpern

Sunday October 31, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

When it comes to the Middle East, we spend most of our time discussing terror, security and borders. They are all important. But just as important is an often over-looked enemy. It lurks behind the scenes. It hugs every border.

I am referring to drug smuggling.

Israel is a transit cross location for the transfer of drugs.
Israel is also the final marketing place for some of those drugs.

The IDF was involved in a shootout with drug smugglers attempting to cross the Egyptian border into Israel. No one was injured on the Israeli side and the IDF successfully seized 660 pounds of drugs. The estimated market value of the drugs is $2 million.

The drug trade puts it all in perspective.

Israel is struggling with the same issues that other countries, countries with peaceful neighbors, address when securing their borders.

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1 November 2021 09:37 PM in Thoughts

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