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Syria Expels Iran - WOW
By Micah Halpern

Thursday November 11, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Tension between Syria and Iran is boiling over.
Syria’s president has expelled the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria, General Javad Ghaffari.

The decision to expel the leader of the Iranian troops was simple.

Iranians have engaged in a smuggling operation in Syria and created a market for black market products. The network has literally threatened the Syria economy.

The report on this, which appeared on Al-Arabiya, emphasized that Iran was running an economy within the Syria economy that was undercutting Syrian trade networks and avoiding taxes.

Iran had thought that, in Syria, they could do whatever they wanted and do it with impunity. So much so, that over the past few weeks Iran has also been involved in direct attacks against US bases in Syria.

Iran’s actions in Syria have been causing Syria damage. And Syria finally said “enough”.

This is a huge blow to Iran’s goal which is to bring together the region, under Iranian leadership.

In the end, Iran needs Syria. So expect Iran to come to Syrian President Bashar Assad with a bowed head and a plan to smooth things over.

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11 November 2021 08:40 PM in Thoughts

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