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Israel Leads World in Cyber Tech
By Micah Halpern

Monday November 29, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Israel has become a giant in cyber technology.

We hear a lot about cyber security, but cyber security is not the same as cyber technology. Cyber tech is everything related to the internet and cyberspace. Cyber security is just one part – albeit an important part, of cyber tech.
How large is the Israeli cyber technology giant? 40% of the world’s investment in cyber tech is invested in Israel.

That 40% is invested in Israel by private equity companies, investors and even governments. As a result, inventions, innovations and cutting developments are coming out of Israel. All eyes are on Israeli companies and on the Israeli military which is grooming tech leaders of the future.

A huge government investment in the computer industry and in a cyber army helps Israel retain its cutting edge position. The military has fostered cyber tech talent in the hope that it will both protect Israel and allow for the development of weapons capable of striking the enemies of Israel by way of cyberattacks.

Israel will continue to be on the cutting edge. The Jewish State will continue to innovate. They have the human capital – Israelis.

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30 November 2021 10:52 PM in Thoughts

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