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Israel's 4th Dose
By Micah Halpern

Friday December 10, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Israel has acquired enough COVID-19 vaccine for a 4th dose. The decision now is whether or not to administer that next dose in January.

There are some looming questions that need to be answered. Is another dose necessary? Will the vaccine be successful against the new Omicron variant? How long are vaccines successful in staving off the Delta variant and other COVID strains?

Israel is prepared. A decision is expected soon. Itís not a cut and dry question and answer.

Public health authorities are in a quandary. On the one hand. they need to protect their citizens. On the other they are not clear about how effective their actions will be.

A health ministry official with knowledge of the decision-making process has offered insight into the dilemma he and his colleagues are wrestling with.
According to him: "Our decision will likely be made based also on the severity of the illness from Omicron, which is also unclear. If it is less severe than the Delta variant, we may only offer a fourth dose to adults only," he said.

Nachman Ash, director general of Israelís Ministry of Health has said. "If we see a considerable reduction in protection after six months, it will certainly be a greater burden Ö In any event the booster is not likely to be effective for years and we will have to be vaccinated again.Ē

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12 December 2021 11:05 AM in Thoughts

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