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2nd Ancient Syn in 1 Village
By Micah Halpern

Saturday December 11, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Archaeological excavations and salvage digs in Israel are the norm.
While expanding Route 90 in the Galilee at Migdal Junction, the salvage dig discovered a synagogue.

It was the second synagogue to be unearthed from the ancient town of Migdal.
The first was uncovered in 2009. Two synagogues in one town sounds like a famous joke. This is the first time that two synagogues have been found in a single town.

But the ancient town of Migdal is not a typical town. It is the birthplace of Mary Magdalene from the Christian Bible, and Mary Magdalene was a major supporter of Jesus.

The village features prominently in the book of Josephus, described as a base of his operations when he served as head of the rebellion against Rome in 67 CE.

The first synagogue was unearthed in the market area. This second synagogue is in a residential area. The thinking is that the synagogues were used not simply for prayer, but also as social meeting areas.

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12 December 2021 11:07 AM in Thoughts

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