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Gantz Tell DC Prepping for Attack
By Micah Halpern

Sunday December 12, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

During Israeli Defense Minister Gantz’s trip to Washington DC this past week, he made it abundantly clear to US officials - and to anyone else who would listen, that Israel is preparing a strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.
Gantz said that he had told the IDF to prepare for a strike.

According to a responsible source: "The Americans are with us, and at the same time we, as Israelis, need to understand that the United States looks at the world broadly and has other priorities". The source went onto explain that, despite Washington’s apprehension, quote: “there was no veto” unquote, regarding a potential strike on Iran.

And then added: "If [the Americans decide] they have had enough, they will not jump on the military option right away. Instead, they will put pressure on [Tehran], all while preparing [for a military action] as well.”

To send a direct message to Iran, in addition to an IDF aerial drill meant to simulate an attack against Iran, Israel and the United States are expected to announce joint military deals.

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12 December 2021 10:40 PM in Thoughts

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