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Palestinians Prefer Israel
By Micah Halpern

Thursday December 16, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

This new poll will shock you. The actual raw data will shock you even more. These statistics are far different from what we read in headline news.

A poll conducted by Shfa, an Arab polling group, asked Arab residents living in Jerusalem if they would choose living under Israeli rule or giving up their Israeli identity card and living under Palestinian Authority rule.
93% of the Arab respondents replied that they preferred Israel and their Israeli identity cards.

Most Arabs living in Jerusalem are not Israeli citizens. They have ID cards that permit them full freedoms, access and movement like any Israeli citizen or permanent resident. They can ask for citizenship, but most do not.

Here is the raw data. 1,200 people were asked the question. 1,116 answered yes to Israeli rule. That means only 84 people polled preferred Palestinian rule over Israeli rule.

When the follow up question was asked, 79 of the 84 said they would still not give up their Israeli IDís.

That means that out of the 1,200 - only 5 Arabs would actually prefer Palestinian rule. 5 out of 1,200. Thatís the real number. 5.

That number is remarkable. That number is very telling.

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19 December 2021 10:16 PM in Thoughts

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