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Iran Fails To Put Paylaods into Orbit
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday January 5, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Iran recently failed to put three payloads into orbit.

I watched several videos of the launch.
Official Iranian media did not mention the failure.

Iran has failed numerous times before. To their credit, on the other hand, they have successfully launched a few satellites into orbit. But they have failed more than they have succeeded.

This time the problem was that the rocket just did not make it up to the speed necessary to push the payloads into orbit. “For a payload to enter orbit, it needs to reach speeds above 7,600 [metres per second]. We reached 7,350,” spokesman, Ahmad Hosseini, said in a documentary about the launch vehicle broadcast on state TV and posted online on Friday.

It is very important to note that Iran has both a space program and a ballistic missile/rocket program. In order to launch any part of the space program they use rockets. The programs are linked.

Iran will continue to develop their space program. The space program is not against any international agreements. It is the ballistic missile program which is not permitted.

But Iran is doing it anyway.

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7 January 2022 12:08 AM in Thoughts

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