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Iran Weeks from a Bomb
By Micah Halpern

Monday January 24, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Israeli experts say that Iran is only weeks away from having nuclear weapons.

The Institute for National Security Studies of Israel prepares an annual survey to be delivered to Israelís president and prime minister. It is a survey of events from the past year and a set of predictions for the future.

The most important take away from this yearís report is that Iran has reached the status of having the ability to put a nuclear bomb together in just two weeks.

The report also draws attention to Iranís proxies on Israelís borders. Iran is sponsoring Hezbollah in Lebanon and Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Gaza, increasing tensions on Israelís borders.

Finally, the survey predicted that as Palestinians get more and more frustrated by the lack of movement in the conflict between Israelis and the Palestinians, there will be increased anger and terror directed at Israelis by Palestinians.

The report speaks of a stalemate in the peace process. That stalemate might even challenge the democratic nature of Israel.

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27 January 2022 01:05 AM in Thoughts

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