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Omicron New Variant
By Micah Halpern

Tuesday February 1, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Move over Omicron. COVID-19 has a new variant.

A variant is a spinoff. It occurs when the virus mutates and a new version of it appears. This new variant is not so different from its predecessor.

The old Omicron is called Omicron BA.1 - this one is called BA.2. And it has ripped through Denmark and has been found in 49 other countries including the US.
Scientists are still studying this variant.

According to early studies, BA.2 is 39% more transmissible that BA.1. But one study shows that unlike BA.1, BA.2 is not transmissible if you are vaccinated.

This new variant proves that the Covid 19 virus will continue to adapt as it weakens, or to use the scientific term, attenuates.

In other words, the virus gets weaker but continues to be viable - meaning alive. The virus does not die - it just changes.

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1 February 2022 11:58 PM in Thoughts

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