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Israel Offers to Help Lebanon
By Micah Halpern

Thursday February 3, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced that he offered aid to the Lebanese army.

Lebanon is confronting terrible economic and political crisis.

This is what Gantz said: "Unfortunately, Lebanon has become an island of instability. And the citizens of Lebanon are not our enemies, so this year I have offered aid to Lebanon four times, including last week through the commander of UNIFIL."

"We seek to provide focused aid to the Lebanese army, which is suffering from a shortage of basic supplies and has lost more than 5,000 troops that left it recently while Hezbollah is growing in strength under Iran's auspices."

"We've turned the Abraham Accords from a declaration of intent into a reality of economic and security cooperation. These actions strengthen the stability of the region and create a moderate front which includes countries which the agreements with have yet to mature."

"This year, we will have ample opportunities to strengthen these bonds and Israel's security interests. The same goes for European states that help us immensely with our efforts to block Iran, and for other Gulf countries and for Turkey. Assessing the situation soberly, in accordance with our common interests, and while maintaining and strengthening our deep and important alliance with Greece and Cyprus."

Gantz means well.

Thus far, however, Lebanon has not responded to Israel’s gesture.

Hezbollah, which is sponsored by Iran, is a mutual threat to both Lebanon and Israel. This is a perfect example of Machiavelli’s rule “the enemy of my enemy of is my friend.”

With time, hopefully, Lebanon will realize that Hezbollah and Iran are not interested in co-existence, while Israel is ready and willing and able.

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6 February 2022 10:26 PM in Thoughts

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