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Kuwait Ban Gal Gadot
By Micah Halpern

Sunday February 6, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Kuwait has banned the showing of the Hollywood remake of Agatha Christie’s great murder mystery “Death on the Nile”

Why the ban? It’s about politics, not production or creativity. It’s because Israeli actress Gal Gadot stars in the movie.

Kuwait also banned the blockbuster movie “Wonder Woman” in which Gadot had the starring role.

Unlike many of Kuwait’s neighboring countries, Kuwait does not believe in normalizing relations with Israel. The government’s official terminology when referring to Gal Gadot is "former soldier in the Zionist occupying army".

FYI Gadot was a fitness instructor in the IDF.

Unlike the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain who signed agreements with Israel and are normalizing relations, Kuwait is still very old school.

There are many people in the Arab world who see this movie and the classic movie “Cleopatra”, which starred Elizabeth Taylor, as violations of their heritage and history. The movies take place on their land and they do not want an Israeli or any Westerner treading on their literal or figurative territory.

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9 February 2022 12:46 AM in Thoughts

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