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Mansour Abbas Meets Jewish Leaders
By Micah Halpern

Thursday February 24, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Mansour Abbas is the head of Ra’am, the United Arab List party, which currently sits in the Israeli government.

Abbas met with a delegation from the Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations which recently held their conference in Jerusalem. He met the delegation in the Knesset.

Abbas is a smart politician. Since joining Bennett’s government, Mansour Abbas has met with quite a few Jewish groups and Jewish leaders. He explained his mission this way:

“We Arabs in Israel are the bridge that can create hope for the two peoples living together in the holy land, based on the vision of Jews and Arabs living together in security, peace and mutual respect … This can bring light to the entire world.”

Abbas is aware that American Jews are very concerned about Jewish Arab tensions. The perception is that there is tension. His meetings will allow for direct funding form American Jews to Arab communities.

This is a win-win in many ways.

Arabs in Israel will win by getting much needed money from American Jews. American Jews win by learning about the complexity of integrating Arabs into Israeli society. And Israel wins as American Jews recognize that the Arabs of Israel are full members of Israeli society.

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27 February 2022 11:20 AM in Thoughts

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