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Hackers Hack Russia
By Micah Halpern

Saturday February 26, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Anonymous is an international hacking collective. And anonymous made it clear to Putin that they are attacking Russia, that they want him out of Ukraine and that they want him to resign.

Anonymous posted their demands on twitter and YouTube.

They have successfully attacked and knocked out 6 government websites including the Ministry of Defense and the Kremlin. They have made it very difficult for Russia to get their message out.

They have also taken down the website and transmission of RT TV, the official Russian English-language station.

Anonymous tweeted that they will work to keep these sites down and fight to keep Ukrainian sites and the internet open. According to their tweet:

"Anonymous has ongoing operations to keep .ru government websites offline, and to push information to the Russian people so they can be free of Putin's state censorship machine ...We also have ongoing operations to keep the Ukrainian people online as best we can."

Elon Musk has also shown his support for Ukraine. He has moved satellites to focus on Ukraine and to make certain that their internet and communications are accessible. Musk promised more satellite coverage for Ukraine in the coming days.

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