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Hackers Hack Mossad
By Micah Halpern

Saturday March 19 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Open Hands is the name of a hacker group.

And on Telegram, an online messaging platform that quickly deletes messages once they have been opened, Open Hands has published the private details of the head of Israelís Mossad.

Not once, but twice in a very short period, Open Hands has divulged private information about one of the most private people in the world Ė the head of Israelís clandestine intelligence service.

Mossad head David Barneaís private phone and salary were published.

The material was from Barneaís 2020 tax return. He makes $268,000.

Israelís response to this hack was that the material that was made public is irrelevant and not of use to anyone. That the material came from Barneaís wifeís old cellphone.

Because the material on Telegram disappears so quickly, finding the culprits is hard. We know it was Open Hands, a group of loosely connected hackers with varied political ideologies and goals, claimed they responsibility for the deed.

Israel is a target for hackers and this is one of many examples.

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20 March 2022 11:43 PM in Thoughts

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