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Israel's New Air Defense
By Micah Halpern

Friday March 25, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

Tal Shamayim means Sky Dew. And Tal Shamayim is Israelís newest anti-missile system.

As far as anti-missile systems go, this one does not look very threatening. In fact, it looks like a white Goodyear Blimp.

Tal Shamayim was developed by The Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO). It is a high-altitude early warning system designed to detect drones and missiles.

Unlike the Goodyear blimp, these balloons donít travel. They are tethered, the way a kite is tethered. They float and use their advanced radar technology to monitor and watch.

One system has already been operational in the south of Israel and now a second system was just positioned in the north of Israel.

This balloon can stay up for indefinite amounts of time and can be raised higher or lower.

This simple concept but will dramatically improve Israelís advance warning system.

Over the years Israel has developed a multi-layered defense system to protect itself from ever-evolving threats from Iran, the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Syria.

Tal Shamayim, Sky Dew, joins the ranks of the Iron Dome system for close-range threats and the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 systems for long-range threats.

It is another set of Israeli eyes in the sky.

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29 March 2022 09:06 PM in Thoughts

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