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Pet Refugees
By Micah Halpern

Sunday March 27, 2022
I've Been Thinking:

So far since Russia invaded Ukraine 12,000 Ukrainian refugees have been brought to Israel.

About of those 3650 Ukrainian Jewish refugees are eligible to make aliyah – that is, they can become citizens of Israel. 20,000 Ukrainians were in Israel before February 24, the date Russia invaded and they will be allowed to stay until the war ends and 5000 of them were granted visas.

Several hundred Russians have left Russia and have also made aliyah.

The Israeli government and private groups of Israelis are organizing to provide for the needs of these refugees.

Not surprisingly, many of the refugees come with nothing except for the clothes they are wearing and small bundles or suitcases that they could carry as they ran out of Ukraine and escaped to Moldova or Poland and from there, to Israel.

Ukrainian refugees have lost almost everything. Most left without their husbands and fathers who may not leave Ukraine – they must stay and fight. Families have no idea of the wellbeing of the men they left behind to wage war against invading Russia.

Many of them escaped Ukraine with their pets. They’ve brought cats and dogs and hamsters and other pets. The Israeli ministry responsible for the care of the refugees has also been making arrangements for their pets.

The ministry is informed in advance when a pet is arriving and upon arrival, as an act of goodwill, the ministry's staff has provided for the needs of the "olim on all fours", the “new immigrants on all fours”. They have quality food and the proper documentation for their aliyah, waiting for the new immigrants at Ben-Gurion Airport.

At least that part was made easier for these tired, desperate souls.

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29 March 2022 04:00 PM in Thoughts

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